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When You Were a Kid, Where Did You Connect With Nature?

Fishing with grandparent on a Sunday afternoon? Roasting hot dogs over a fire during a camping trip? Rolling down a grassy hill with classmates after school?

Maybe it was just a few years ago, or maybe it's been a little longer. Think back to when adventure could happen in your own backyard. Where the cicadas buzz in the summer warmth. The smell of the damp air after a thunderstorm. The night sky lit with fireflies. The feel of grass between your toes.

It's time to make that connection again, and Never Lose Touch.

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Nature Is Healthy

Feeling stressed, worn out, or mentally frazzled? Research shows that spending time in nature, including at conservation areas, urban parks, and in green space, can ease stress levels. Even just 20 minutes outside can give your brain an energy boost comparable to a cup of coffee (but we still love coffee, too!). Exposure to nature also contributes to your physical well-being such as reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. Let nature-which is free and close by-be your go-to self-care and health.

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Giving Back To Nature

Nature is amazing. It is also needs to be cared for to keep it thriving. Volunteers make a huge impact in conservation efforts in Missouri from cleaning up streams, planting trees, or helping people connect with nature. There are so many ways to give back while being out in nature and exploring Missouri. DonŐt forget to invite your friends!