The Missouri Breeding Bird Atlas Project was sponsored by the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC). Without the support of the Audubon Society of Missouri, the 14 chapters of the National Audubon Society and their members, and many additional birders from within and outside of Missouri, the Missouri Breeding Bird Atlas Project would not have been possible. The individuals listed at the end of this section contributed an average of 49.3 hours of field work to complete surveys in 1,207 blocks. A special thank you goes to the regional coordinators for their effort in assigning blocks to volunteers in their regions. While we have made every attempt to include all participants, observers, recorders, drivers and beginning bird-watching enthusiasts who participated, we realize many others, unknown to us, participated in field surveys.

This project and publication would not have been possible without the support of several people in the Missouri Department of Conservation. Special thanks to three Natural History Division Chiefs whose administrations this project spanned: John Wylie, James H. Wilson and Richard H. Thom. Data entry and data management support was provided by Sharon Hoerner, Nancy Priddy and Shawna Taylor. Special recognition goes to Sharon Hoerner for her dedication and assistance with all aspects of volunteer communications, and construction of graphics and tables. Special thanks also to Debra Hardin for proofreading, editing and document management and to Paul McKenzie for his excellent advice on content. Clerical staff who offered continual support to the project included Rhonda Allen, Freida Fisher, Sandy Fischer, Kelly Gentges, Debra Hardin, Verita Hayden, Amy Linsenbardt, Diana Munsterman, Barbara Singleton, Jean Ruggiero and Debbi Welschmeyer.

We are obligated to the many Atlasers who contributed articles to the Atlas Project newsletter and to Martha Daniels for her help and expertise in newsletter layout, design and production. We thank the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, especially Bruce Peterjohn and Sam Droege, for their help with the Breeding Bird Survey data. Also, thanks to Steve Lewis, United States Fish and Wildlife Service Region 3 Non-game Bird Coordinator, for funding the Atlas Project in the early years.

Thanks to the United States Forest Service, Mark Twain National Forest, for funding graduate student and summer employee Debbie East to survey 11 blocks on the Mark Twain National Forest near Eminence. Thanks also to MDC temporary summer employees Jerry Sowers, Jack Hilsabeck, Daniel Hatch, Chris Wilson and Tim Barksdale who conducted surveys.

Computer programming and mapping support was supplied by Rick Wolters, Jeff Kunz, Kevin Borisenko, Mike Klein, Terry Showers, Kirk Keller and Todd Larivee of the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Grateful acknowledgment goes to members of the Conservation Department's Public Affairs Division including Division Chief Kathy Love, Publications Editor Supervisor Bernadette Dryden, Art Department Supervisor Dickson Stauffer and Phototypesetter Libby Block.

Of the 167 species illustrated in pen and ink, 120 drawings were created by the late George Miksch Sutton for his 1928 An introduction to the birds of Pennsylvania. Illustrations sketched by James D. Wilson are found on pages 32-38, 44-46, 50, 66, 78, 80, 92, 96, 100, 110, 118, 120, 128, 142, 156, 166, 168, 176, 180, 198, 200. Illustrations by Brad Jacobs are found on pages 94, 204, 242-244, 260, 272, 276, 280, 284, 290, 298, 302, 304, 308, 316, 332-336, 344, 346, 252, 354.

And finally, our thanks to David Plank of Salem for donating his beautiful Wood Thrush painting for use on the Atlas cover.

Regional Coordinators